My Offer to Help (Re: Gettysburg Casualties)

Discussion in 'Looking for someone' started by Kate, Jun 9, 2014.

  1. Kate

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    My Gettysburg database project now contains more than 9,000 names. I just saw this section of the forum and want to offer look-ups if you're having trouble finding a Civil War ancestor or relative who may have died at Gettysburg.

    Can't promise I'll have the info (especially if it was a casualty other than death) but I work on this daily and will be glad to check and tell you if I have it. Having a regiment or even state would be helpful if it's a common name (I can't believe how many William Williams' and John Smiths died at Gettysburg!)

    Generally what I'm tracking is corps/brigade/division/regiment/company information, things like age and description if it's in the records, sometimes enlistment date and where they enlisted, what the injury was that mortally wounded the soldier, where they fell, and I'm looking up parents, spouse, and children's names but that is going to be a long process before I finish. :)

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