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Discussion in 'Weapons, Technology & Equipment' started by pilot2fly, Oct 1, 2012.

  1. pilot2fly

    pilot2fly Member

    What is your favorite modern military aircraft? Mine is the F-22. Have you seen what that plane can do? It can go vertical and nearly stall then use thrust vectoring to roll backwards and just sit there. We've reached the limit on what pilots can take with this plane, and it seems to defy the laws of gravity. It is absolutely Amazing what this plane can do.

  2. jayjacinto

    jayjacinto New Member

    Although it has been obsolete both in design and technology, nothing beats the Grumman F14 Tomcat for me! It is a major part of military aviation history, and already a legend.

  3. catevanne

    catevanne Member

    The General Atomics Avenger (Predator C) makes use of very up to date UAV technology. It sounds exciting and I'm fascinated with UAVs.
  4. Vladimir

    Vladimir Siberian Tiger

    Nothing can beat the Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II in capabilities and specifications. I would have loved to name the Sukhoi PAK FA, but unfortunately it seems technologically inferior to the F-35.

  5. catevanne

    catevanne Member

    I've heard a lot about the F-35. When was it first built?
  6. Vladimir

    Vladimir Siberian Tiger

    Last year. But they are still conducting the trials. So the jets are not inducted in to any of the Air Forces' so far. I think the trials will be complete only by 2013.

    Also, there were a few serious bugs which were found during the trials.... So I won't be surprised if the induction is postponed even further.
  7. vashstampede

    vashstampede Active Member

    There isn't much for comparison since F-22 is no doubt the current best fighter jet. A decade or two from now, that might change when the Russian and Chinese next generation stealth fighters are operational.
  8. MannyGr

    MannyGr New Member

    I looked up some information on the F-35 since I was curious about the F-22's eventual competition. It seems that even after testing, the F-35 won't be introduced to the military until 2016. They are currently being produced and tested now.
  9. aghart

    aghart Former Tank Commander Moderator

    For me it has to be the F15 Eagle, for years it has been the best fighter in the world, and is still able to hold it's own against it's rivals. The F22 Raptor is so expensive that it will only be in limited service with the USAF. The F35 is hugely over budget, and years behind schedule. The F15 simply got everything right.


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