Mission to save the Maldive Islanders

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    I am hoping that some one will be able to give me more information on a mission in 1944 to take supplies to the inhabitants of the Maldive Islands who were, according to the newspaper cutting I have, nearing starvation. Apparently their plight was uncovered during a reconnaissance trip by Flight Lieutenant Donald E Walker who wrote a report on their situation and was entrusted with the job of rectifying it. He died when the ship on which he was returning from this mission was sunk with all hands. Does anyone have any more information about this?
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    The Times reposrts that there was an earthquake centering on the Maldives on 1/2 March 1944. I wonder whether caused the problems and starvation
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    Thank you so much - I'm putting together a Roll of Honour for our staff who died in the war and Walker was one of them.

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    An introduction to Mohamed Ameen, for those who love truth in history - translation of 20th century history of maldives, iyye, yesterday, chapter 4

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    maldives timeline 1900 Feb 2006

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    Something about Lt Walker here:

    Maldives - Mohamed Ameen, the famine and the failure of the First republic

    Also there seemed to be a core of corruption and profit taking by businessmen who were making huge sums of money due to the shortage.

    The story of 20th century famines in Maldives

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