Missing Australian bomber 'found' in Vietnam

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    Missing Australian bomber 'found' in Vietnam

    An Australian investigation team believes it has found the aircraft flown by the last two Australian Defence Force members missing in Vietnam.

    Flying Officer Michael Herbert and Pilot Officer Robert Carver disappeared without trace in 1970 while on a bombing mission.

    The Defence Department says a recovery team sent into the region a week ago found what it believes to be the wreckage of their Canberra bomber in thick jungle in a remote area near the Laotian border.

    While no human remains were found, a number of military artefacts have been discovered including a club badge which was unique to RAAF's No 2 Squadron.

    The Minister for Defence Science and Personnel, Warren Snowdon, said the team had spent a week in the isolated province gaining information and hiking in to the wreck site.

    "These brave airmen gave their lives in the service of their nation and locating the crash site is an important step in accounting for them, " he said in a statement.

    "Relatives of the two crewmen have been advised of the discovery and Air Force will continue to keep them updated."

    Mr Snowdon praised the team's use of innovative modelling techniques to narrow the area of interest.

    He said the expertise of the Army History Unit in supporting the Air Force investigation was also priceless.

    "Invaluable assistance has also been given by a number of former North Vietnamese and Viet Cong soldiers and their commanders, as well as many local villagers, and their compassion and commitment in assisting us is humbling," he said.

    Mr Snowdon said the next step would be an archaeological dig to confirm whether there were any human remains at the site.

    Source: ABC News Australia
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    Excellent news. Let's hope some closure can be brought for the families soon.

    The Age has a decent article this morning and mentions life-jacket fragments being found as well which suggests the crew did not bale out even though the ejector seats have not yet been found. The engines are reportedly still on site but the majority of the airframe has been sold for scrap by the locals.
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    Hunt for missing Aussie Vietnam soldiers | World Breaking News | News.com.au

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    Thankfully the remains of the two pilots have now been found. They have been studied by both Vietnamese and Australian experts, the return of the remains has yet to be organised, yet it will happen as quickly as possible..

    The persons who created Operation Aussies Home, have been completely successful, finding the remains of all Australian MIA's from the war in Viet Nam.

    Special mention must go to the Vietnamese Govt and a number of individual Vietnamese, from ex Viet Cong leaders etc and Villagers Who gave invaluable help to the team through out the entire search for all Aussie MIA's in Viet Nam.

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    A great result for the families and the knowledge that all MIA's have now been found.
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    Just heard the boys have been found and will arrive home (RAAF Richmond) on August 31.

    Our last two missing from Vietnam. RIP.

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