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    Since land mines were considered one of the most effective and less expensive,reliable defense system of W2,so the Axis[Afrika Korps] and Allies[8th Army] used those as much as possible by variety and number.Only the Germans alone used over thirty types and some thirty five millions[including Bouncing Betty] . Some of 80 thousand mines laid in Libya by Afrika Korps .The zone extended from El Agheila,Cyrenica,Benghazi,Mersa Matruh up to El Alamein and several hundred thousands of such killing things are still there.From the point of strategy,its ok.But the matter of fact is the deadly mine field still exists ,tolling high the number of casualties of many local innocents ,since last 6-7 decades.

    It is true that this is one of the toughest and expensive, time taking job for a single local Government to overcome the situation.They even demanded to the European Governments to pay the bill for such disposal works.Local newspapers oftenly publish photographs of unclaimed victims[proven ?],with captions like …’ poor farmers losing legs/lives….’Do You consider it’s a trick to earn something or you consider that A Qualition Authority should be made particularly to de-mining the zone..
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    You can now book a holiday in the minefields , a rather dodgy battlefield tour , sooner you than me :)


    lots of minerals and underground gas and oil under the sand so things might get done , some work has been done on the north coastal strip to develop the Holiday and Property investment Industries , but that stalled while the war [recent] was going on . so the western Governments responsible are waiting to see how things settle down , then they might sort out the problem they created , dip their collective hand a bit deeper into their pockets .
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    Mines @ North Africa? Let it be there for ever. I aint bother wheathr its AT, AP, UXO or even the Uttawa Process, left it there in peace, till the Justice be restored for the dead warrior.

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