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    There is a very special vet out there. He's missing! He was, along with other soldiers, trained to fight as a team. They lived as a team, fought as a team but now it seems the team forgot him. Maybe it's because he separated himself from his team members at first and got lost in some struggle to make sense of civilian life.
    He's actually a lot of vets from different wars and conflicts who somehow disappeared into a cloud of disparity and homelessness.
    I've met quite a few of the "missing," generally when I volunteer in missions or go to a "stand down."
    A lot of you know what I'm talking about, and some may read this and claim that I'm a head case. Actually, the location is a few inches down and to the left. I'm a heart case. We say with pride and puffed out chests,"No man left behind!" But the truth is that every time a soldier takes off his uniform for good, he's no longer considered a soldier by the masses. The real truth...he really is still the same warrior, with or without the uniform. Look in a homeless vets eyes and you will see the look of past pride and the honorable position he maintained.
    Simply put, he is left behind. He is alone with no recognizable team. Maybe he's tried to fill the void with drugs or booze. A lot of them couldn't fill the void and died violently by their own hand.
    I know a couple of ways to bring this missing person home and will post them shortly. But for now, how about your thoughts on the matter. Does our missing warrior stay gone maybe because he might say he likes it that way. Or, how do we help him out if he doesn't. And best yet, how do we know the difference?
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    I am aware of this tragedy all over our country, but due to being female and not having many resources to give, I can't do much to help homeless men. It's really hard to tell who wants help and who doesn't because some of the ones who probably really due are too embarrassed to admit it. I know there are a number of great missions that people in this situation can go to for a meal, shelter, assistance in getting off the streets and help finding a job.
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    My answer, and I have said this many times, take the VA benefits away from those who make over a certain income and give it to the ones who really need it. For example, Senator John McCain makes $175,000 per year for his salary and receives $65,000 per year from the VA, and another $22,000 per year from Social Security. WHY?

    Now before someone says, "Because he fought for our country, look at his arm. He was a POW, he deserves it", I want you to think about the ones who did the same but do not own EIGHT houses. If that man was as concerned with veterans as he claims, he would give back his benefits and say, "Give this to a vet who needs it". Especially the way the active duty servicemen are being treated--or not treated. Many are not getting the care they need while serving! If John McCain really wanted my vote, that is what he would have done. Or he could take a few of those homes and make them boarding houses for homeless vets. That is what I would do, and I was not in the military.

    Also, and I will get attacked for this--- I think there should be a cap on the amount of money corporations/people should be able to make. There is no reason by EACH of the six Walmart family members is worth $15.5 Billion. How much money do you really need? Come up with a number, say $3billion and spread the rest around.

    Yes.. this is a "treasonous" idea in this capitalistic society of America. However, if everyone is elevated to a point where they can survive and prosper, then the economy will rebound, education will be improved, and health of the citizens will soar. At that point, people will be able to donate to charities to assist others as well.

    rant over :)

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