Meteorology @ War 2

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    I do consider that weather played a pivotal role during the hard days of War 2. Obviously it helped in progress, oftenly played a reverse too.

    How were the people,specially the women, working with it or how they worked for the army/air/naval operations?? They too,remains as the part of success .. A warning is to be noted at the background ..

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    The Allied had a reliable and accurate forecasting network in the Northern Hemisphere.Weather stations located North America,Iceland or Greenland transmitted more accurate weather-forecasts than the Germans,who mostly depend upon mobile stations/transmitters basically in the Arctic region to support their UBs there.

    One of such forecasters was Lauenburg,a converted fishing trawler re-equipped as a Weather Ship,with an installation of Enigma machine.Probably 10-15 crew members were onboard to make detailed charts,reports etc to provide Kriegsmarine alongwith UBs.

    Lauenburg was spoted by HMS Tartar off Jan Mayen ,and under gunfire ,crews of Lauenburg abandoned it.

    [​IMG]Lauenburg torpedoed :: '41

    Before set it to the bottom,a good number of Materials been collected by HMS Tarter.

    We must remember that prior to '43,weather forecasts were restricted,never provided wind direction and barometric pressures. News papers been restricted to their meteorological reporting within a 145 nm radius,where no such general radio-forecasts available.
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    If you are interested further to see practically how an Enigma Machine encrypt/decrypt wetterbericht in every morning, or for other messages, please follow ::

    An original Enigma Cipher Machine of '36 // Courtesy ~ University of Cambridge

    Thanks ..
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    Kurzsignale(short signals) as in Kriegsmarine communication system, contained tablets that converted sentences into four letter groups(mainly beta) .
    These code books specialy printed by water soluble red ink, so that they could through the book into water, if it seems to be captured. These specialy used U boats and very different from Wehrmacht or Luftwaffe used Enigma codes ..

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