Merchant Marine Deaths WW2 - The Oldest?

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    There has been recent evidence that Raymond Steed "who was thought to be the youngest WW2 death" is not the youngest as this is now thought to be Reginald Earnshaw who is younger by (55?) days.

    The oldest MM's to die in WW2 is also an interesting one with the following two names who seem to be "the Oldest".

    From the website of Gordon Mumford:

    Memorial to youngest and oldest seamen killed

    Both are remembered on the Tower Hill Memorial London.

    CWGC :: Cemetery Details

    KILLEY, James, Greaser
    ss Fenella (Douglas, Isle of Man). Merchant Navy.
    Died 29 May, 1940, Age 74.

    PERRY, Frederick William, 2nd Engineer Officer
    ss Polzella
    (Penzance). Merchant Navy.
    Died 13 January 1940. Age 74.
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    The information on Gordon's site is what I sent to him many years ago before I had been given information from the Bombay/Chittagong Memorial.

    These two Indian seamen now seem to be the oldest casualties recorded by the CWGC

    KHALIL RAHMAN, Serang, S.S. Gairsoppa (Glasgow), Indian Merchant Navy. 16February 1941. Age 75.

    MARTINS, Chief Cook, SANTAN, S.S. Calabria, Indian Merchant Navy. 8 December 1940. Age 79.
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    Hi Billy,

    Thank you for taking the time to join the forum and keep us up to date with these interesting facts.

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