Memorials to the Missing Bearing New Zealand Names

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    New Zealand in the First World War

    New Zealand was involved in the First World War by the King's declaration of war. Despite its geographic isolation and small population, it immediately pledged its support for the British cause.

    As early as October 1914 the New Zealand Expeditionary Force sailed from Wellington. Diverted from their original destination in Europe, the New Zealanders were landed in Egypt, where they helped repulse a Turkish attack on the Suez Canal in February 1915.

    On the fateful day of 25 April 1915, as part of the New Zealand and Australian Division, the New Zealanders landed at Anzac Cove, Gallipoli. They fought valiantly throughout the campaign until evacuated with the rest of the Allied forces at the end of the year.

    Back in Egypt, the NZEF was reorganised. Reinforcements from New Zealand replaced the Australian component of the Division, which embarked for France in April 1916. The New Zealand Mounted Brigade remained in Egypt. As part of the Anzac Mounted Division, it took part in the ultimately successful Sinai-Palestine campaign against the Turks.

    The New Zealand Division's first major trial on the Western Front was during the Battle of the Somme. It took part in the Fourth Army's attack on 15 September. By the time they were relieved on 4 October, the New Zealanders had advanced three kilometres and captured eight kilometres of enemy front line. More than 7000 had become casualties, of whom 1,560 were killed.

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