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    So I'm well versed with the website but I was wondering if you guys had any other academic or high-quality sources about this particular topic related to war. I personally find MRE's super interesting and while I wouldn't eat one unless necessary like the enthusiasts on that website who will eat rations from 1980's I'd love to get my hands on some new reading or viewing material about these things.

    I have only gotten the chance to eat one of the military version MREs during Hurricane Wilma. The government were handing them out like hotcakes. Very interesting food source.

    Any MRE fans on the forums? Which one is your favorite? I really like that the older ones used to contain cigarettes. Now they have HOORAH! BARS instead :p
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    As a former tank crewman I used to have the British 4 man ration pack, Tinned sausages, hamburgers and bacon burgers were very popular. they were always supplemented by food purchased privately as the portions available were somewhat small.
  3. ReDGuNNeR

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    Ah, I apologize for making my post so America-centric. Having to purchase private food seems rather redundant but it makes sense as soldiers in an active duty scenario will likely be consuming way more than the standard civilian diets with all the energy that is being expended. I know that MREs are not the first option for most soldiers as freshly prepared A-Rations are the norm for most armies but in case of an emergency it's really cool how much research and development goes into these little packaged meals.
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    It might be a little distasteful sounding, but while MREs are the in thing I still get a taste for C- rations. As long as the can isn't dented or discolored I'm in. An individual box would always have a 4 pack of either Lucky Strikes, Kools, Or Chesterfields. Toilet paper, matches, coffee( instant enough for 1 cup) a main meal like spaghetti and a meat ball(s), a snack like peanut butter and crackers, and a fruit of some sort. Every now and then I run into a case and snatch it up.
    Everything is made to be eaten cold but we used to put a hole in the top of the canned main meal and set it in the exhaust of our choppers at a LZ before the pilots shut down. The only thing I wouldn't touch was the canned eggs. Nasty critters!

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