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    Mary Thomas: former internee of the Japanese and author | Times Online Obituary

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    She was some kind of lady ... very special !! ... I bought her book a few years ago ..... !!

    RIP Mary Thomas
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    There's a movie called *Paradise Road*about imprisoned women in a Japanese camp during ww2. Mary Thomas story base on that movie or did she spent time in that camp?I did not know anything about this lady until now.

    God bless her soul R.I.P.
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    I remember Paradise Road, Heidi. Didn't it have Glenn Close, Cate Blanchett, Julianna Marguiles and other classy ladies in it? I think they were on Sumatra or thereabouts whereas Mary Thomas was mostly imprisoned in Changi. Perhaps them movie makers referenced some of her experiences?

    A brave lady. RIP.
  5. Heidi

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    Yes that's the movie! It may have had some of her story base in to the movie.Maybe that's were they had some of the idea from Mary Thomas accounts.
    Women and japanese camps made me think of this movie and i just thought Mary Thomas may have been involed,but obviously not.
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    I was privileged to look after her and her brother at her little cottage in Catbrook, Monmouthshire. She lived alone and her brother would vist most weekends, but he was not in the best of health either.
    She was a very humble and sweet lady. Despite her sight problems she coped well. She was lovely to talk to and it was quite rivetting to listen to her stories, she was very against the establishment and was always in total support of the working man. After listening to her stories about internment I was amazed at her matter of fact way of telling it.
    I can imagine she was quite a lady at Oxford and must have been one of the great defenders of womens rights. Even at 100 in a nursing home she was quite lucid about her lifes experiences.
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    welcome to the forum balloon. Can you tell us some stories about the lady herself?
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    She lived in a small cottage down a rough country track and kept a lovely little garden. As time went on she was not able to tend it as he would have liked and the local school used to send some schoolboys up to help her out. If they were of the age when they were doing the history of WWII she would make them a drink and ensure that she gave them an enthralling history lesson about the Japanese and what took place. It was quite a sobering experience for these kids. She kept herself to herself and the only regular vistor she had was her brother who she loved dearly. It is interesting but many of the people living around her did not know much about her life unless they went to see her.
    One local lad was killed by the Japs in Burma when they overran the hospital in which he was being nursed, she was very comforting to the family who still feel the pain and horror of what took place.
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    ww2002.jpg ww2001.jpg
    Hi Baloon,
    May I add my twopennyworth to your spotlighting story of this brave woman.
    Takes me back to the days of the TV series "Kendo", whose writers must have drawn some of the episodes from.

    Keith DCLXX
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    She did act as an adviser to the series and was determined that it portray what took place but some of the stories were designed to to let people use their imagination as frank scenes of brutality were not for mainstream viewing in those days.

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