Major General Samuel Hughes - Canadian minister of Militia and Defense

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    Major General Samuel Hughes was minister of Militia and Defense from 1911 to 1916, and therefore was responsible for moving Canadian troops to Europe at the beginning of World War I .

    On one hand, Hughes was an able politician and a loyal supporter of the prime minister, Sir Robert Borden, but on the other he was boastful and unpredictable. In fact, many viewed Hughes as deranged. While he managed to raise, train, and arm 33,000 Canadian soldiers within three months of the start of war, he also insisted the Canadian troops use the Ross Rifle. This rifle was faulty; it frequently jammed in the field and it cost many men their lives. It was eventually replaced with the more reliable Lee Enfield.

    Hughes' meddling with the British chain of command, and his disregard of explicit instructions given him by the prime minister, resulted in his dismissal in September 1916. As one of Hughes' Cabinet colleagues remarked, "the nightmare is removed."

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