Major Francis Martin Appleton - South Lancs

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    This soldier is an enigma to me .... I'd like to know as much as possible ! ... I know he committed suicide in Tunbridge Wells but I've never been able to find out the circumstances ..... he was a hero in so many ways ... his troops admired him very much ...... it's a shame he couldn't have been buried at home but I suppose with his father being a Reverend and at that time suicides I don't think were buried on hallowed ground ( although he's buried in a grave yard ) anyways I'd appreciate any help !


    In Memory of
    V D

    4th Bn., South Lancashire Regiment
    who died age 50
    on 06 December 1914
    Son of the Rev. Richard and Ellen Appleton, of Kirkdale, Liverpool. Served in the South African War.

    Remembered with honour
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    Heres his gravestone .......

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  3. liverpool annie

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    Heres his picture ... he's in the middle ! :)

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    Couple of entries from The Times, associated with his service in South Africa

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    Thanks Stephen for the clippings ( I didn't have those !! :) ) .....

    I have quite a bit on him during the Boer War !! :) but not too much afterwards ! .... and I'd love to know what happened to him !

    Annie :)

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