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    I am researching the school building that is home to ST Marys in Horam, Heathfield, East sussex. The building was formally STILLYANS. In the 1911 census Major Francis Henry Young J.P was here. He was about 45ish then.
    Who was he?, what did he do before or during the war?.
    I am stuck as to where to look for this information

    many thanks for reading

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    HI Kbak

    thank you for the links, I had found out all of that, just wanted to find out what regiment he was in and where he served. Seems that there is not a lot around. I did find out that he had some photos exhibited. Thank you again
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    Hi Esther

    I found out
    Francis Henry Young, Esq., J. P., Sussex, Major (ret.) was in the Regiment of the Royal Artillery b. 1865 ; m. 1899, Violet Mary, yngr. died. of Theophilus

    I also have found this link at the national archives for Major Francis henry Young Royal Field Artillery,FRANCIS,HENRY,YOUNG&accessmethod=0

    Info link

    This is about the young collection in Gibraltar



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