Major Dhyan Chand~1936 Berlin Summer Olympics

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    Major Dhyan Chand(29 Aug 1905 – 3 Dec 1979) was an Indian hockey player, widely known as ‘’The Wizard’’ for his goal-scoring feats and for his 3 Olympic gold medals('28,'32, and'36) ;“The Wizard” for his magnificent ball control. Media reports a lot over the years stating that Major Chand scored 6 goals in India's 8-1 over Germany in '36 Olympic Field Hockey final.


    During a '35 tour of New Zealand and Australia,he scored 201 goals.
    Before the '28 ,Amsterdam Summer Olympics, in England, he scored 36 in 10 matches at the London Folkstone Festival. Then, at the Amsterdam Olympics, he netted twice in India's 3-0 win over the Netherlands in final.

    In the '32 Olympics, India vs United States 24-1 -- holding a world record for the biggest margin of victory [8 of his own].

    After seeing his magnificent field-display at the '36 Berlin Olympics,Hitler offered him [as a Major then in the British Indian Army] German citizenship[his anti-semitic theory, here,had gone with the wind……….!! @ !//An offer-probably with a hidden intention to send him any of his concentration camps, later years,I’m sure ..] and an offer to promote to the rank of a Colonel .:oops:

    Major Chand taken a mili-second to decline the great proposal.

    In London,a tube station has been named after him, along with 358 Olympians ,on 27 July 2012. The Transport has brought out a special 'Olympic Legends Map', detailing all 361 tube stns. Only six stops have been named after hockey players, with the three Indians - Dhyan Chand, Roop Singh and Leslie Walter Claudius...[Watford Junction named after Major Dhyan Chand while Watford High Street for Roop & Bushey for Claudius].

    In Vienna,a statue of him,made with four hands and four sticks, focusing on his stick-magic.

    Major Chand scored more than 400 goals during his international career, including in 3 Olympic tournaments,33 goals in 12 matches.

    On 4 Aug'32, India played its first match against Japan and won by11-1,in San Francisco during his Olympic tour.


    '36 Berlin-Final,Major Chand is seen scoring against Germany.
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    Maj Chand, you are still remembered as a legend in the Field Hocky. Today, in some parts of the world, recalling your birth day! Once again, Maj Chand, RIP .. ***
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    Thank you, Diptangshu, for reminding us. A fantastic record. What about his military record?
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    Well, as far as my knowledge goes, his military career wasn't equaly brilliant, still there were some very interesting 'facts' worth to mention here!
    * Hitlar wanted to buy his 'Stick'.
    * Hitlar wanted him join in his army, and wanted to promot him as 'Field Marshal' and this was politely declind.
    * Major 'Chand' joined army when he was only 16 (normal in those days under colonial rule), circa 1922.
    * He was ranked as 'Corporal' during Berlin Olympic, 1936.
    * He promoted to Lieutenant', 1937.
    * He retired in the year of 1956, as a Major, he was 51yrs that time.
    * His father was in military too.
    * Got his name 'Chand' because he didn't get enough time to practice hocky in day time because of duty. So he had been engaged himself prctising hocky during night under moon light! Chand means moon, later on he slowly became popular as Dhyan 'Chand' Singh....
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    Thanks again, Diptangshu. Fascinating and inspired me to find out more.
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    Maj Dhyan Chand RIP

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