Major Alexander Hewetson - Royal Field Artillery

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    Buried at Deansgrange,Blackrock, Co. Dublin the largest cemetery in south Co. Dublin

    Major Alexander Hewetson (44), Royal Field Artillery, was killed while flying on Salisbury Plain on 17th July 1913.

    At Winterbourne Stoke is a Celtic Cross erected to the memory of Major A. W. Hewetson, who was killed whilst flying on the 17th July 1913, when he crashed in a Bristol Prier-Dickson monoplane during the test for his aviator's certificate. The cross is surrounded by six wooden posts, railings and a gated entry.

    REPORT ON THE FATAL ACCIDENT TO MAJOR ALEXANDER WILLIAM HEWETSON, WHEN FLYING AT LARKHILL, SALISBURY PLAIN, ON THURSDAY, JULY 17TH, 1913, AT ABOUT 6.20 A.M. The Committee having carefully investigated the fatal accident to Major A. W. Hewetson whilst flying a Bristol monoplane at Larkhill, Salisbury Plain, on Thursday, July 17th, 1913, has come to the conclusion that it, the accident, was due to lack of skill on the part of the pilot. Major Hewetson had been a pupil at the Bristol School for about two months, and during this flight, which he was making in order to qualify for the Aviator's Certificate, he over banked the aircraft at about 100 feet on a left-hand turn, and this was followed by a nose-dive to the ground. It is possible that owing to his overbank, the pilot slipped transversely on the double seat, of which he occupied the right-hand side, and thus lost any chance he might have otherwise had of righting the aircraft. The pilot was thrown clear of the aircraft and was killed instantaneously. The aircraft, after striking the ground, caught fire. The wind at the time of the accident was steady and not more than five miles per hour. - 0822.html

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    The Fatal Accident on Salisbury Plain from Flight/global archive - July 26, 1913

    At the inquest which was held at Bulford Camp Hospital on Wednesday of last week concerning the fatal accident to Major Hewetson earlier in the day, the evidence given by those who were observing the flight, which was being made to qualify for a pilot's certificate, led to the conclusion that the accident was caused by an error of judgment, the pilot attempting to make too sharp a turn.

    The Bristol monoplane had been flown by another pupil just previously, after which Major Hewetson had made a short trial trip before setting out on his test flight. He made one wide turn successfully, but in attempting a second turn banked too steeply, and the machine dived straight to the ground. Mr. Jullerot, in giving evidence, said he flew over the spot after the accident and found nothing wrong with the air. He was asked by the Coroner whether he did not think forty-four years of age—Major Hewetson's age—rather late in life to begin flying, and in reply he said he had come to the conclusion that it was not advisable for men of that age to take it up at all. Medical evidence was given showing that death was instantaneous.

    The Coroner, Mr. F. H. Trethowan, in summing up said that it was one of the sad accidents which marked the progress of aviation, but there was nothing in the case to suggest culpable negligence attaching to anyone. An experienced pilot had tried the machine after it had been overhauled, the weather was good for flying and the pilot was considered competent to fly the machine.

    A verdict of accidental death was returned.
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    Photo of the crash of Major Hewetson. Gunner 1

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