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    I was visiting a friend recently, who's husband died several years ago, he was an avid collector of replica guns, she now wants to sell these and was asking me about their value, and I had to tell her that as a replica not a great deal, £100 at the most depending on the gun.

    Then I had a shock, tucked away in the back of the shed was a MkII Bren gun, complete with stand, and magazine, ( empty thank heavens), although when I opened the stock the cleaning kit was missing, a quick inspection revealed that the gun had not been de-activated, she also has tucked away a genuine Le Enfield .303

    The one that puzzled me was another LMG, very similar to the the Bren, except the magazine was loaded from underneath, the cases exiting on the right hand side.
    The only markings on it that I could make out were "Republique", I'm guessing it is a Canadian LMG from the WW2 era.

    I know it's long shot, but can anyone give me an idea that that one might be.

    I took time out to remove the parts that would make the guns usable, they are now locked away in my house, until we can find a gunmaker who will de-activate them properly.

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