M8 Landing mat @ Marsden Matting ..

Discussion in 'War Diaries' started by Diptangshu, Jul 21, 2013.

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    Foud this interesting, you can read it here :
    Or at here, for its history available in the wiki ..
    See how important it was there and why widely it been used, from Normandy to Papua New Guinea .. Being a simple(!) 3m/.38m perforated high manganese-steel plate, enable to construct a 1.5km of very reliable air strip, just within a period of 24 hrs. !!
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    Well, on your next visit to Manila or elswhere in the Philippines, dont forget to have a joy (test .... lol) ride the Jeepney, once what was widely used in the ETO, PTO; now it has been somehow modified, colored and widely used as public transport ~ The Willy jeeps, once lefted over here after the War, even became as a Filipino national symbol!
    Happy journey ..

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