Lubs for Deck Guns !

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  1. Diptangshu

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    I want to know how the muzzles and breech covers were protected from corrosion? Do you know the types of Lubs they used there?
    I know there were casualties(mechanical) due to muzzle jamming, what I believe due to rust!
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    Every 'Gun' is daily maintained by the gun 'Crew' it is probably the most looked after piece of kit on the ship , most casualties if any were caused by the ships movement , I'm referring to British Ordnance though !
  3. Interrogator#6

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    Most deck guns, to my understanding, had fitted canvas hoods covering muzzles when not in use. What has been worrying me are the deck guns of submarines and U-boats.
  4. Diptangshu

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    I'm thankful to both of you for focusing towards the authentic direction. I must admit that I ain't have another penny right now in my hand to rub together, other than this! So I eagerly looking for the deck gun (WW2) manintenance manual/LUBs Chart for the Unterseeboots as well as the Allieds, to study.
    Anyway, here my lone 'penny' :
    Lubs for 5" Mounts Mrk 40 (subs) -
    * Breechblock lubricant was Type O S 1165;
    * Rust Preventive was 52 C (Gr 1) and
    * Gun Slide lub was O S 1384. Meanwhile we must remember that there were Adulterants too.
    However, O S 1165 was mainly a compound of castor oil, gun slushing mixture including ice machine oil. This combintion was strictly followed during heavy and extreme cool weather!
    For summer and winter, another but revised version (Revised B of O S 1165) stated as the Different ratios of castor oil and mineral oil of Navy Symbol 2135.
    An instruction I found on the Lub chart for dilution was, to use of kerosene in order to fecilitate cold weather operation.

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