Lt.Col.Edward Maples Linton.R.F.A

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  1. Tubbylinton

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    I am looking for details of Lt.Col.Edward Maples Linton R.F.A.(TF).His medal card shows him living in Beccles Suffolk in 1918
  2. forester

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    The most likely contender for his service record at Kew is WO 374/42315. LINTON, Major E M: 1898-1919; 1938.

    A quick search of the London Gazette, searching E M Linton during WW1, brings up two hits:

    Issue 31107; Page 300:
    Lt-Col E M Linton, 4th Welsh Brigade, relinquishes his commission on account of ill health caused by wounds, 7th Jan 1919 and retains his rank of Lt-Col, with permission to wear the prescribed uniform.

    Issue 30956; Page 12227:
    Major E M Linton to be Lt-Col, 1st April 1918

    Go back further and he was commissioned 2nd Lieut in the 1st Monmouthshire Artillery (Volunteers) in August 1898 (Issue 26996; Page 4940).
    Lieut in the 1st Monmouthshire Artillery (Volunteer Corps) in May 1900 (Issue27188; Page 2764).
    Captain in the 1st Monmouthshire RGA (Volunteers) in May 1905 (Issue 27790; Page 3251).

  3. Tubbylinton

    Tubbylinton New Member

    Many thanks for the information.I just wonder what he was doing in Beccles as he was originally from Newport?
  4. Tubbylinton

    Tubbylinton New Member

    In your reference to a file at Kew is the 1938 the year of his death?
  5. forester

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    Sorry about the delay. I obviously forgot to subscribe to the thread.

    The last date given, ie 1938, usually refers to an additional, in this case probably the last entry in the file.

  6. Tubbylinton

    Tubbylinton New Member

    Thank you for your reply.I asked Kew for an estimate to copy the file and was told £79 so I will try and get there myself to read it.
  7. Tubbylinton

    Tubbylinton New Member

    I examined this officer's record at Kew last week and all it contained was copies of medical reports mostly from 1916-17. I was also surprised that it did not contain any information about his earlier service . The last entry was a letter from the Colonel requesting details of his service as by then he was living in South Africa. He had moved there for his health as he had been gassed in 1917. His medal card entry is also surprisingly blank.Can any of you provide an explanation of why the file was lacking in thus information or is this typical?
    Do any of you have access to Death records for South Africa circa 1938 to confirm his death there?
  8. forester

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    The officers records were subjected to the same fate in WW2 as the ORs. They were also subjected to systematic weeding by the authorities throughout. What remains are supplementary files.

    TNA information


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