Louis (Chaloner) Rattle

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    Louis (Chaloner) Rattle
    Youngest son of William and Agnes Rattle of Ribbleside Villas, Riverside, Preston.
    Second Lieutenant 100 Squadron Royal Air Force
    Killed Thursday 10 October 1918 Aged 19 at Charmes, south of Nancy on a night bombing raid
    Charmes Military Cemetery, Essegay, Vosges 1/C/15

    Death Notice LDP 17 October 1918. Entered the College in 1909 at the age of 10. Was known to be cheerful, quiet and humorous. Entered the Royal Flying Corps in September 1917 and was commissioned in March 1918. His CO wrote that he was a good pilot and that he was full of big schemes that he would and could do after the War. Buried in error by the Church of England chaplain, he had the full Catholic funeral service read over him and his grave blessed again by the Catholic chaplain who arrived as fast as he could (!)

    Preston Catholic College
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    2Lt R C Rattle was the pilot of Handley Page O/400 C9697 when he was killed. The other crew members, 2Lt J M Rennie and Sgt Mechanic J H O'Donoghue, were wounded.


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