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    Hiya, Just wondering on the off chance whether anyone on here is knowledgeable about Prussian history? I have recently inherited a military document dating from 1805. It is a Prussian army discharge notice following injury. I know my ancestor was in No.5 Husars regiment. He was discharged in 1805 but it is signed Von Prittwitz (who according to some sources didn't lead that regiment until 1806). The document is handwritten in German. Is there anyone who can tell me any more about that regiment or who can read German to properly translate it for me? I know it says it was an honourable discharge and that he waived any pension (he was in his 30s). I'm in the UK and my 2nd Great Grandfather moved to England in the 1860s. I'm unsure of who this Prussian soldier is, but I think he could be my 4th Great Grandfather. I'm happy to share the document if anyone is interested?
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    Welcome to the community, Laura_R.

    I do not claim to any expertise in the operation of the Prussian military establishment but as I have a smattering of interest I may be the resident expert. Sigh, what a sad comment.

    First, how large large is the document? Is it possible to upload a photo or fax of it, suitably legible? As this is old Prussian I suspect it with be in old Deutsch gothic script which I find almost illegable but I know some people can still read.

    1805 was of the year of the grand battle of Austerlitz, of the Napoleonic Wars. As many soldiers were wounded in the battle I suspect and speculate your man was amoung them. And as military hospitals were comparatively primitive as compared to modern medicine it is a testiment to your man that he survived.

    Oh, a Husar was a light cavalryman. That means they were the scouts and screens for the army, making them potentially in action well before actual battle. As I recall the 5th H. had a very attractive uniform.

    As for the signature on the discharge paper, there are a variety of reasons for von Prittwitz's name being on the official discharge paper. I speculate that your man could have spent weeks or months in hospital so that the Officer Commanding had changed before he had to post-date the medical discharge.
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    I will aim to resize the document scans tomorrow as they are currently too large for this forum. Am I allowed to post links? If so I will also upload the full size images to Flickr or similar. Thank you for your reply :)

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