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    Hello I am looking for info on my Grandfather. He was killed in a car accident in VA in 1960 at 35. My dad was 7 and I never had the opportunity to meet him. I know he went to Gunner Training at kingman army airfield in AZ. In the pic he can be seen in the Ellington. Any help is greatly appreciated[​IMG]

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    Well,no one else has said anything, so are you referring to:

    Record: Ernest H. OBrien – 33860188
    Residence: Fluvanna, Virginia
    Date of Enlistment: 21 September 1944
    Place of Enlistment: Richmond Virginia
    Year of Birth: 1926
    Marital Status: Single, without dependents

    You mean this Ernest Haven O’Brien ?

    See http://wwii-enlistment.com/record/33860188/

    Found another record w/much the same info on a commercial site I use for my USN research, except it said he was from Floyd County, VA . . . Struck me as odd. Being a Virginian I’m well aware that Floyd County, a couple-three ridges to the south of Christiansburg, is a pretty fair distance from Fluvanna County, south of Charlottesville, on the James River. Of course the article specifically mentions Scottsville which is in Fluvanna (and right on the river). Makes sense, someone from Floyd would be more likely to enlist in Roanoke than Richmond while it would not be unusual for someone from Fluvanna to enlist in Richmond (about 18 miles north of where I write).

    All I can find, by the way. He falls square into the records burned up in the 1972 St Louis records fire. It would not hurt to pursue seeing if any of his records were salvaged, some were, mostly bits and pieces, most were not. Worst that can happen is they'll say they are sorry but they have nothing.

    Have you tried checking the county courthouse and see if he recorded a copy of his discharge papers? A common practice after WWII.

    Regards and good luck!

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