Looking for a Bomber Command Veteran Gordon Brown

Discussion in 'Looking for someone' started by Jack Russell, Jul 22, 2013.

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    Can any members please help our quest to find our last missing crew member for the 'Finding The Pathfinders' project.
    We sadly have very little to go on apart from we know his name was Gordon Brown (no middle name). He would probably now be in his early 90's and had the following Service Number 1113002 but believe he later became pilot officer with service no. 196730.
    Our hope is someone will see our search for him and will know him and be able to pass the message on, he is the last hope of finding a fellow crew member alive.
    He was with 97 Pathfinder Sqn, then went to 5LFS but we lose him there. There is a chance he came from Yorkshire and played rugby to a fairly high level. We have searched the internet for hours between us and come up with lots of possibilities all of which have sadly been ruled out. We have sent letters to RAF Cranwell in the hope they would send them to his last known address, but sadly they can't help.
    We are awaiting other lines of enquiry but again time is running out for the documentary to be made for Sept this year http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iHVoBs_mqaI

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