Looking for 681st GFAB Survey Crew (17th Airborne)

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    Varsity Operation: I am looking for the names of the survey crew for the 681st Glider Field Artillary Battalion. I know the survey officer was Arthur Murphy, he was shot while still in the air, and went to a field hospital and was then evacuated to a hospital across the Rhine, then to a hospital in Belgium. I also know of one other name on that survey team, S/Sgt. Robert W. Gordan. We have contacted Mr. Murphy and he remembered Gordan's name but none of the others.

    GO#8, 1945, 17 Abn Div, GO#39, 1945, 17 Abn Div and GO#44, 1945, 17 Abn Div for S/Sgt Robert W. Gordon, Army Serial Number 34272628. Citations are for a Bronze Star Medal, a Purple Heart and a Cirtificate of Merit. I do not know if the GOs were for the Ardennes Offensive or the Rhine mission. Mr. Gordon, has passed away, I am looking to contact his relatives but have been unsuccessful.

    There can only be two or three others in that survey crew and I am looking to make contact with either them or their relatives.

    I am researching my father's glider mission into LZ-S on March 24, 1945. F/O Otis Cook, pilot; F/O Elmer Lee Whitmire, co-pilot, Col. Joseph Keating, CO 681st GFAB, and Maj. Rex Light, S-3 Officer came across the survey crew on their way from the glider to the CP.

    Any help in finding the rest of the survey crew and contact information would be greatly appreciated.

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