Long Tan; A anniversary.

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    Hi this day the 18th August 2010 is the 44th Anniversary of the Battle of Long Tan during the 2nd Viet Nam war (late 1950's till 1972)

    It was not the Australians biggest or longest battle nor did it involve the most Infantry troops.
    However it is used as the day for Australian Viet Nam Vets to use as the focal point for their own remembrance for all matters Viet Nam.


    This site gives an account from the Company CO Major Harry Smith and from a Platoon Commander LT Dave Sabben, a very interesting read.

    Lt Sabben shows how the Task Force Guns (RAA, RNZA (105mm) and USA Artillery (155mm) as well as RAAF Choppers (1 x resupply) who operated during the very heavy and almost impossible to see through monsoon rain, and how every able bodied man did what ever they could whether they be at the Task Force Base or rushing to support the beleaguered Coy.
    A very good yet quick read on this time in history

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