London County Council bomb damage maps 1939-1945

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    The London County Council bomb damage maps 1939-1945 / (London : London Topographical Society and London Metropolitan Archives, 2005.)

    So I was at the British Library doing a bit of this and that as our time here is drawing to a close. I ordered up the above book with the intention of making a few copies-in Particular Chelsea and Mayfair. Went to the desk and found out the copywrite is held by the London Metropolitan Archieve so no copies could be made there.

    However they directed me to the LMA. I di the on line part of application and followed it up by a visit the next day with the requested ID material and within 5 minutes I was issued with a pass and directed to the full sized maps. Regular copies are quite reasonable. I wanted a large photographic copy of my area of London, that was 35 pounds and I'll pick it up later this week. Matted and framed it will be a great reminder of the five years we spent in Chelsea, we return to the States in about two weeks.

    So if you have been looking here is the link to the LMA Records and archives Registration is quick, easy and free.
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    many thanks for the info Fenquat, that is extremely interesting and of great info for everyone. hopw the map you've ordered looks great on the wall.

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