Lieutenant Ernest L Julian - 7th Bn., Royal Dublin Fusiliers

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    I would be glad to hear anything anybody could add here !

    In Memory of

    "D" Coy. 7th Bn., Royal Dublin Fusiliers
    who died age 36
    on 08 August 1915
    Son of the late John and Margaret Julian, of Drumbane, Birr, King's County. Held the Reid Professorship of Criminal Law, Trinity College, Dublin. Educated at Charterhouse, and Trinity College, Dublin.

    Remembered with honour

    Ernest L Julian.

    A barrister and Reid Professor of Law at Trinity College, Dublin, Julian was elected to an officer's commission by his fellow Pals. Julian's short life of brilliant promise was prematurely ended when he died of wounds after leading his men during the assault on Chocolate Hill on August 7. He died of his injuries the next day on a hospital ship, aged 36, and was buried at sea.
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    I don't know about the 'professional rugby players' comment - I'm positive that none of the men in "D" Company of the 7th RDF (known as "The toffs among the toughs") would have ever contemplated playing Rugby League. The company was full of professional men and [amateur] Rugby [Union] players - often the same thing.

    There was a photograph of Lt E J Julian in The War Illustrated of 15 January 1916, if you happen to have a copy nearby.

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    All I have is the internet Gareth .... I don't have any magazines and not many WW1 books .... most of mine are Boer War !! :rolleyes:

    If you have a picture of him .... that would be terrific ... and I would appreciate it very much !!

    Annie :)
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    Alas, I don't have a photo. His photo is mentioned in To What End Did They Die? and I thought I'd throw in the reference in the [admittedly faint] hope that someone might have a copy.

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    Lookee here ...... !! :D
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    Well done! Where did you find it?

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    I found it on lulu ! .... I was so excited !! :D
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    What's lulu?

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    lulu is an old site ... you've probably seen it many times before !! ...

    thats where I spend all my money on photos ... mostly for others ... :p
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    He is on the 1911 census as living in Dublin, Barrister at Law, with his Mother and two servants - ( just for some background information )

    He is named on the Barrister's Memorial in Dublin.

    He was also a coach at the University of Dublin Boat Club.

    There is quite a lot about him in "Wigs and Guns. Irish Barristers in the Great War", by Anthony P. Quinn, Dublin, Four Courts Press, 2006. (ISBN 978-1-85182-935-4). There is also a photo of his boat crew of 1902

    He also appears on two memorials in St. Anne's Church, Dublin - the Great War Memorial and the Julian and Cullinan Memorial.
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    You can find out quite a lot about what D Coy actually did in.

    Pals at Suvla Bay: Being the Record of "D" Company of the 7th Royal Dublin Fusiliers (Paperback)
    by Henry Hanna (Author)

    Cost about £20 on Amazon for the reprinted version - you can sometimes get it on Abebooks cheaper second hand.

    Julien is there complete with his photo (the one you have)
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    Thanks Corisande !

    Another book for the list !! ;)

    Annie :)

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