Lieutenant-Colonel W. (William) Donovan JOYNT V.C.

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    William Donovan Joynt, was awarded the highest individual honour at Chuignes on 23 August 1918 as a Lieutenant with the 8th Battalion, and was the last surviving Australian WWI V.C. recipient.

    A foundation and life long member of Legacy, Joynt was instrumental with Blackett (q.v.) and others in influencing the R.S.L. to support the Shrine of Remembrance concept, eventually succeeding in May 1927 after a bitter 3½ year struggle.

    "Ever in the forefront of the battle" as inscribed on Joynt's headstone, he later served in WWII as Commanding Officer 3rd Garrison Battalion. He died on 5 May 1986 aged 97.

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