Lieutenant-Colonel Ernest Achey Loftus OBE

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    Loftus, Ernest Achey (Colonel).

    Loftus was born in 1884 at Hull, the son of Captain William Loftus and he died in 1987 in Zimbabwe aged 103. He was educated at York and Trinity College, Dublin and married Elsie Cole of West Tilbury in 1916. They had two sons. He was Headmaster of Barking Abbey School from 1922.

    He served with the Essex Regiment from 1910-1929; in Gallipoli 1915; Egypt 1916 and France 1918. He was Lieutenant Commanding in the 6 Essex Regiment 1925-1928 and Brevet-Colonel 1929.

    Loftus was the Founder and Honorary Secretary of the Essex Playing Fields Association, 1925-1929. He also found time to write leading articles in the Daily and Weekly Press. He was the author of “Education and the Citizen” and of eight scenes of the Barking Pageant, 1931. He wrote A History of Barking Abbey in 1954. His recreations included Tennis, Walking, Historical and Genealogical Research. Colonel Loftus was awarded an O.B.E.; Territorial Decoration; Master of Arts, and Bachelor of Science degree. He was a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society. In 1935 he was living at Polwicks, West Tilbury, Essex.

    His ashes were interred in the grounds of Barking Abbey.

    [EWW 1935 p. 180 Clifford 1992 p. 17].

    To be Officers of the Military Division of the said Most Excellent Order

    Lieutenant-Colonel Ernest Achey Loftus, 6th Battalion, The Essex Eegiment, Territorial Army.


    Colonel Ernest Achey LOFTUS, O.B.E., T.D. For services to education in Zambia.


    Heres a photo of his grave site - this should have said ... "Died 7th July 1987 " !

    *Snippet ... wonder how they found out about that ??

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    Ernest was quite a prolific writer ...... I found a photo of him .... I think it's a wonderful photo !! :) must have been taken in the early 20's I think !

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    I'd be grateful for any other pictures or information you might have as he is my Great Great Uncle and died just over a month after I was born.

    Kind Regards,

    Benjamin Newham

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