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Discussion in 'Vietnam War' started by Jason76, Jul 22, 2015.

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    This man claims a lot of the facts commonly believed about the Vietnam War were lies. For instance, he claimed two thirds of the soldiers were volunteers, and that educated soldiers were actually more likely to get killed. He also claimed the Tet Offensive was a massive defeat for the North.
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    Upon first reading of your post, Jason, without reading to the linked article, I have to say there may be some credance to two fo the three items cited. I may be forced to revamp my opinion later as I read to linked material.

    First item: volunteeers: If one takes into consideration all the personnel in the US uniformed Department of Defence, I can easily see that claim that two-thirds were indeed volunteers. This is because there are huge numbers of non-combatants in uniform.

    And this still leaves a third of personnel as draftees, again a large number. That a large portion of draftees may have been funneled into combat arms does not surprize me, for, as not being expected to re-enlist, they might be considered as expendibles.

    Second, regarding the Tet-Offensive of 1968, I understand that from a strictly military perspective, it was a disaster for the Viet Cong. They lost large amounts of fighters, to the point that much of their military structure disappeared. The fight had to shifted to units from North Vietnam. So, yes, they LOST MILITARILY. However, they won politically.

    Allow me time to examine the linked material.
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    There are no stats here, just opinions. Yes, Tet was a massive military defeat for the VC and the DRV, but in the end it was a propaganda victory for the north. Other than that, all the rest here is strictly opinion.

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