Lesser-Known Facts of World War II

Discussion in 'World War 2' started by David Layne, Jun 18, 2009.

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    I may have to have a WWII trivia night.
  3. spidge

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    Great site David and GW send me an invite!
  4. Heidi

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    Excellant site!

    I have one lesser knowen ww2 fact!

    Hitler was introduce to a man (before hitler came to power) that had a speical vodo doll,had a ceromony and the man told Hitler,you will become in power of germany and you're government will last forever! and the man states this- Only if both of us are alive and the Vodo greek doll is still in our hands,nothing will go wrong and if I die or you lose the vodo greek doll,you're government will only survive for 12 years.

    Hitler that year become in power and germany surge ahead,each year hitler become more powerful! hitler orderd ss soldiers to round up jewish persons and kill them,by mistake Hilter's Special partner was mistaken and killed.
    After that had happend,hitler goverment started to lose power and by the end of ww2,it was 12 years since Hitler become in power.

    I watch it on the history channel months ago! So it have to have some facts to it,spooky isn't it?

    Anyways,can i come to you're triva night GW? I live in melbourne too!
    I know what you are thinking G/W-:fear: HA!
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    yes what a great site ,although there seems to be just about everything out there if you look hard enough .Except finding the info on the vast majority of groups i have ,except for confirming awards in LG
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    Heard the other day that Bernard Manning stood guard over Ruddolf Hess's body. If that did not spark him back to life, nothing would, or was this a very slow execution, depending on your views.

  7. Heidi

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    Never heard that one before!

    I not sure this is a lessor knowen fact of ww2,it might be well knowen story!

    The bombing of Hamburg or Dresden (can't remember which one)was actually caused by Germans and sealed the cities fate.
    Two German pilots that where anti-nazi took a radar bomber-plane (that had the answer to the German radar) flew to Scottland and the Britons worked out a divise to interupt the Germans radar that protected the Dresden/Hamburg cities.
    The German radar over the German city could not detect the Allied bombers and therefore allied bombers had free access to the German city,causing the fate and doom of that city.
    It was caused by there own German men!
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    You need to back stuff up like that with sources, Heidi.
  9. penance

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    Heidi, that sounds more an urban legend than fact.
    Do you have any sources for the info?
  10. Heidi

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    It must be unkowen,i check the internet had had trouble finding the full information.
    I watch an short documentry last night about what i have stated earlier.
    The German aircraft is in a British muesum nowa days,and back in ww2 the Germans classed that German aircraft as missing in action,never knowen it flew to Scotland.

    This is what Briton came up with by using the German bomber with radar attach to the nose of the plane plane as a resource!(can't remember what the Germans called this type of aircraft)
    It does not mention the German radar aircraft flying to scotland but it mentions what Briton came up with to interupt the Hamburg radars.

    Look under *To Destroy HAMBURG*
    bombing of Hamburg

    Im sorry,i just can't explain any better than what i have.
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    Sounds like the Ju 88 night fighter at Hendon whose crew defected. Having this aircraft fully equipped allowed the boffins to develop jammers etc to reduce the effectiveness of the German AI radar. The Germans did know about this crew in the end as they actually made BBC radio broadcasts later on.

    If we're talking 1943, Heidi, the Hamburg raid saw the first use of Window - thin metal strips dumped from the bombers. The echoes from these strips flooded the German radar screens thereby hiding the actual bombers (and, of course, making it very difficult to vector night fighters) while also giving the appearance of a much larger force. Later, BC mounted spoof raids of only a relatively few aircraft dumping lots of Window (among other countermeasures).
  12. Heidi

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    That's the one I was talking about,Thanks!
    Was I right about a German radar bomber flying over to Scotland that help the British?
  13. Buster

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    I think that is a cracking wee link, however, in the history of the swastika, it fails to mention that the original symbol of fortune was flipped over (mirrored) and canted at 45 degrees to give the Nazi symbol.
  14. Antipodean Andy

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    Big thing for Buddhists, IIRC, Buster.

    Heidi, kind of right. The aircraft was a Ju 88 night fighter so lots of radar and a variant of the bomber.

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