Les 'Juicy' Adams - RAF rear gunner

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  1. Diane Howard

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    Some more photos of Les during his Rugby career mainly at Castleford but also one in GB kit

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  2. Diane Howard

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    2 more

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  3. Diane Howard

    Diane Howard New Member

  4. Matt Poole

    Matt Poole New Member

    Thanks for those gems, Diane. Can you confirm that Les "Juicy" Adams is in the film footage you posted? I am not clear on this. I'm assuming he had red hair, based on your colorized photo.

    In the film at the :36 mark, I see a red haired player who maybe is Les, but by then maybe lacking that "big" hair of earlier in his career?

    At :46 is Les wearing #4 during the game action?

    At :49, carrying the trophy at right, is this Les?

    On the bench at 2:30, third in from the camera, with a trophy in the foreground, I see a redhead who looks like Les. Agree?

    Or am I mistaken altogether?

    The nephew of Aussie Arthur Williams, one of the three (including Les) who were never seen again after the baleout of their Liberator, passed away this year. How he would have been thrilled to see your latest offerings. Ivor Smith was his name, and he & I had researched the WOTTAWITCH!! story for years, together.

    Thanks again for this latest Internet surprise.

  5. Diane Howard

    Diane Howard New Member

    Hi Matt
    yes he is 100% in the footage I know it is him with the Yorkshire League Cup in the 49th second as you suggested the others do look like him but I will check with my brother he should know the footage is 4 years after the photos with the bigger hair so yes it is like the first player in the hooped shirt in the 36th second...My brother did 2 book on Castleford and Les featured in both, such a shame Ivor didn't get to see them
  6. Diane Howard

    Diane Howard New Member

    1935 Challenge cup final
    Les can be seen in the 6th second also jumping up in the 46th second
  7. Matt Poole

    Matt Poole New Member

    I just wanted to inform you that a story is being written about Les and his Liberator crew, and their fates, for Britain at War magazine (not by me). Sometime next year it will be printed -- it might be months away. I know the author, and he is an excellent researcher with impressive credentials, and attention to detail. Should be excellent.

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