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    Leonard was a Private in the Royal Sussex Regiment,he signed up around 1939,his army No:6286997,from my basic research I think he went to France then evacuated to Dunkirk where he was captured and imprisoned at Stalag AA-X in Toran Poland until liberation.POW No:12414
    I cannot find his correct battalion,where they were fighting and why they were captured ect, can anyone help with where to look,I am his grand daughter and new at this.
    Thankyou pop in army prisoner_edited-1.jpg Image (34).jpg Found_67423_300311.jpg Image (35).jpg pop_edited-22.jpg
    These 4 were taken at the prison
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    Well, as far as my knowledge goes, I can tell you that 133rd went to France with 44th RSR (Home Counties) Inf Div as a part of BEF, untill they were evacuated at Dunkirk.
    Among the 2nd, 4th and 5th Batt (all RSR), it is high possible that Leonard was alongwith the 2nd, which fought at St Omer - La Bassée area and he was amongst the rearguards before being captured. 44th (Home Counties) was the 1st line Territorial Army Div as part of the BEF in France and of which, the 2nd Batt (RSR) made up of the regulars.
    I doubt because of the 2nd, 4th and 5th's sudden and obvious movements which required for that situation. Only the record office could tell the exact, probably you know they charges usually £15-£25.
    Another thing I want to point out of what you are telling about Stalag AA-X, I think it'll be Stalag 20 A (XX-A). As many as 60 000 POWs passed through this camp, S XX-A, till the end of War! Many of the RSR POWs during the evacuated to Dunkirk along with others, mostly from the rearguards during the evacuation and every one wasn't lucky!
    Long back I read Pvt William Law's diary. These types of writing oftenly stood helpful to understand the situations, facts etc.

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