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    It is well known that there were many plots to remove Adolf H. from office by a violent recall. Operation Valkirie (20 Juli, 1944) being the most famous, but there were many more.

    Were any of the ALLIED leaders ever targeted by anyone? Stalin, Churchill, FDR? I can't think of a single instance, but in FICTION.

    I know several leaders had body-doubles but it is my understanding this was for deception for planning (such as Patton's deception of the invasion at Pas de Calais) There even is an English film: "I was Monty's Double". And Philip K. Dick alludes to a fictional assasination of FDR, but as I recall that was pre-war ("Man in the High Castle").

    Again, my thesis: were there any plots to assasinate Allied leaders?
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    There was the ill-fated plot called Unternehmen Weitsprung (Operation Long Jump) that was a planned assassination of the "Big Three" (FDR, Churchill, and Stalin) at the Tehran conference. The plot was discovered and aborted. The attack would have been carried by the (in)famous Otto Skorzeny. To this day, however, doubts linger in the west as to the veracity of the plan. Some suspecting it was trumped up by Soviet intelligence. Skorzeny denied the plan in the post-War years.

    There is also the outright bizarre plan to take out Churchill via exploding chocolate. Sounds nuts? It is, but there are details in this Daily Mail article.
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    I recently read of a British airliner that was shot down by Luftwaffe fighter jets based on one source's report that a large man in a fine overcoat was boarding that particular plane. The man also happened to be smoking a cigar. Was that a definite attempt on the life of Churchill? It seems very likely.

    Of course, Churchill and Roosevelt took their lives in their hands every time they boarded an airplane or boat in those days, without the need of an assassin.

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