Lancelot Slocock (1886-1916)

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    In Memory of

    1st/10th Bn., The King's (Liverpool Regiment)
    who died age 29
    on 09 August 1916
    Son of Judith Emily Slocock, of North Lodge, Maidenhead, Berks, and the late Rev. F. H. Slocock; husband of Lena Slocock. Educated at Marlborough College. An English International Rugby Footballer.

    Remembered with honour

    Lancelot Slocock was one of fifty seven Liverpool First XV and other club members killed in WWI

    Born on Christmas day 1886 in Wooton Warren, Warwickshire, Lancelot Andrew Noel Slocock was the third son of the Reverend F H Slocock and his wife Judith. Slocock was educated at Marlborough College in Wiltshire, soon showing talent as an all round athlete playing in the rugby fifteen as well as the cricket and hockey elevens. With his school days behind him Slocock continued to make a name for himself on the rugby pitch, rapidly building a reputation as a lineout jumper for his club Liverpool. After a sound performance in the North v South match, one of the main England trials at the time, Slocock was picked to make his England debut against the touring South Africans in a match that was to be held at Crystal Palace in December 1906. His selection, however failed to pass the hurdle of the bureaucracy at the Rugby Football Union and due to a clerical error Slocock was omitted from the side with his position taken instead by Arnold Alcock, a medical student at Guys Hospital, who although a fair club player was by all accounts hardly an international!

    Slocock was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the 1/10th Battalion of the Kings (Liverpool) regiment. This was a Territorial Battalion, more commonly known as Liverpool Scottish. He arrived in France in January 1916 to join his battalion. The 1/10th, part of the 55th division was shortly afterwards to take part in the Somme offensive, one of the bloodiest campaigns in history. With the failure of the initial huge pushes of July 1916 by August both sides had settled into a war of attrition. It was considered imperative by the British General Staff to capture land along the front to present a straight line of attack prior to the next big push. This would allow the preferred tactic of a creeping artillery barrage from behind which the infantry could advance. To gain this land some ninety attacks of battalion strength or above were made between July and September 1916. The capture of the village of Guillemont was a central objective. The first attacks in this area on August 8th had failed and was followed by further attacks on the 9th, two of them made by the 1/10th Battalion of the King’s Regiment. Second Lieutenant Lancelot Slocock whilst leading his men in one of these attacks was killed in action. His fate was shared by another former International, Lance Corporal J A King, who was also serving with the 1/10th Battalion, two of the eighty two thousand casualties incurred in this part of the campaign, sacrificed to gain a total advance of one thousand yards.

    Remembered on this memorial
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    Slocock, Lancelot Andrew Noel played forEngland

    Internationals: 8 : 1907 F+ (1t) W- I- (1t) S- ; 1908 F+ W- I+ S- (1t)

    Lancelot Slocock was born on 25 December 1886, in Wooton Warren, Warwickshire, son of the Reverend F H and Judith Emily Slocock; later husband of Lena Slocock.

    Played as a Forward for: Marlborough College, Liverpool, Lancashire

    Profession: Cotton industry employee

    Remarks: Secretary Liverpool RFC 1907-1908.

    War service: 2nd Lieutenant, 1/10th Battalion, The King’s (Liverpool) Regiment, 166th (South Lancashire) Brigade, 55th (West Lancashire) Division.

    During the 8-9 August 1916 attack on Waterlot Farm-Guillemont during the Battle of the Somme, the 55th Division were stopped by fierce resistance on the first day. Two further attacks were made by the 1/10th King’s at 04.20 on 9 August, but again without success. 2/Lt Slocock was killed in action on 9 August 1916, at Guillemont, and is commemorated on the Thiepval Memorial, Somme, France [Pier and Face 1 D 8 B and 8 C]. Fellow England International L/Cpl J A King, also of the 1/10th King’s, was killed on the same day.
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    Within the church, but not on the War Memorial, there is a wooden plaque, in memory of Lancelot Andrew Noel SLOCOCK Cyprian Henry Benson SLOCOCK

    Lancelot Andrew Noel SLOCOCK
    Lieut. Liverpool Scottish
    August 9th 1916
    Age 29

    Cyprian Henry Benson SLOCOCK
    Capt. Oxford & Bucks L.I.
    April 3rd 1918
    Age 21

    But they are in peace

    Name - Lancelot Andrew Noel SLOCOCK
    Rank/Number - 2nd Lieutenant
    Regiment - Liverpool Regiment 1/10th Battalion
    Age/Date of death - 29 09 Aug 1916
    How died/Theatre of war - Killed in action
    Cemetery - Thiepval Memorial, Somme, France
    Grave or Memorial Reference - Pier & Face 1D 8B & 8C
    Location of memorial - Frieth plaque
    Date/Place of birth - c1887 Wootton Wawen, Warks
    Parents - late Rev F H & Judith Emily Slocock
    Parent's occupation - rector
    Parents’ Address (last known) - North Lodge, Maidenhead
    Wife - Lena Slocock

    brother of Cyprian Slocock. Educated at Marlborough College. English International Rugby Footballer.

    Name - Cyprian Henry Benson SLOCOCK
    Rank/Number - Captain
    Regiment - Oxford & Bucks Light Infantry 3rd Battalion attd 2nd Bn
    Age/Date of death - 21 03 Apr 1918
    How died/Theatre of war - Died of wounds
    Cemetery - Boulogne Eastern Cemetery, Pas de Calais, France
    Grave or Memorial Reference - VII.A.34
    Location of memorial - Frieth plaque
    Date/Place of birth - c1897 Mottisfont, Hants
    Parents - late Rev F H & Judith Emily Slocock
    Parent's occupation - rector
    Parents’ Address (last known) - North Lodge, Maidenhead

    brother of Lancelot Slocock

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    Arnold Alcock became a GP in Gloucester and later President of Gloucester RFC.

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    Who's Arnold Alcock ? :confused:
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    He's mentioned in the first post as the man who was picked to play for England in error, as Slocock was the man the selectors had chosen.

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    OK ..... I see !
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    "The Complete Who's Who of England Rugby Union Internationals", R Maule, Breedon 1992
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    This is one of the times when he went to America ! :)

    Passenger Lancelot A. N. Slocock - Arrived aboard the Franconia on January 16 1912

    Batch Number - P00083-2
    Page Ref. Number - 93
    Page Line Number - 0029
    First Name - Lancelot A. N.
    Last Name - Slocock
    Age at Arrival - 25y
    Gender Code - M
    Marital Status - S
    U. S. Citizen? - No
    Ship Crew? - No
    Nationality - English
    Place of Residence - Lpool, Eng
    Ship Name - Franconia
    Standardized Ship Name - Franconia
    Ship Arrival Date - 16 Jan 1912
    Ship Arrival Port - New York
    Departure Port - Liverpool
    Standardized Departure Port - Liverpool, Liverpool, England, UK
    ID Number - 100832020059

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