Lance Corporal Frank Ungoed Humphreys

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    In Memory of

    Lance Corporal F HUMPHREYS

    313097, 7th Bn., Gordon Highlanders

    who died age 19
    on 26 July 1918

    Son of Mr. J. R. and Mrs. C. Humphreys, of Alwyn Hall, Llwynhendy, Carmarthenshire.

    Remembered with honour MARFAUX BRITISH CEMETERY

    Frank Ungoed Humphreys, Lance Corporal, 313097, Gordon Highlanders.

    Frank was born at Berwick, Llwynhendy, the son of J.R. Humphreys, of Llwyn Hall, Llwynhendy, Llanelli. Frank was educated at Llandovery from 1913 to 1914, and his brothers, William Leslie Humphreys and Trefor Ungoed Humphreys were also pupils at the School.
    Frank enlisted at London into the 7th Battalion, Gordon Highlanders, which was attached to the 153rd Brigade, 51st (Highland) Division. The Division were in France by early May 1915, and was hurried to the defence of Ypres. The enemy had attacked on the 22nd April 1915, using poison gas for the first time. All available reserves were deployed to stop the Germans taking advantage of the initial surprise. The Division remained in action until moved to the area of Estaires on the River Lys, on the 19th May. They then fought at the Battle of Festubert, and took part in an unsuccessful attack near Givenchy (the Second Action of Givenchy) on the 15th June, 1915, and shortly afterwards moved south to the area north of the River Somme. They relieved a French Division near Hamel, and subsequently took part in several of the engagements that are now considered to comprise the Battle of the Somme 1916, particularly at High Wood in late July 1916. They captured the enemy strong hold of Beaumont-Hamel on the 13th November 1916, taking more than 2000 prisoners.

    There is now a Divisional memorial at Beaumont-Hamel. During December and January in the bitter winter of 1916-17, the Division remained on the Somme in the area of Courcelette, and saw their next major action in the opening days of the offensive at Arras, as part of the opening attack, the First Battle of the Scarpe. They then fought at the Second Battle of the Scarpe before being brought out of the line to rest. They re-entered the line on the 15th April, and eight days later took part in an attack near Roeux, which they captured before moving north to Ypres. Here they took part in the opening assault of the Third Battle of Ypres, on the 31st July, 1917, at the Battle of Pilckem. They advanced on Langemarck before being relieved. They then took part in the Battle of the Menin Road before being moved south, where they took part in the Battle of Cambrai, attacking in the area of Cantaing and Flesquieres. The Division remained in the area until the 21st March, 1918 when the enemy launched a huge and overwhelming attack on the fronts of Fifth and Third Armies, the Division being in the latter, near Flesquieres. Here they took part in the Battle of St Quentin, and the First Battle of Bapaume before being relieved, and moved to Bethune to rest. Unfortunately, the enemy opened a second phase of his offensive, now called the Battle of the Lys, on the 9th April 1918 and the Highland Division moved into defensive positions behind Richebourg Saint Vaast, where it played a key part in beating off incessant attacks, during the Battle of Estaires. At the beginning of May, the Division moved to Oppy near Arras, where it stayed until the 11th July in a relatively quiet spell, however, when a third huge enemy attack opened in the area held by the thinly-stretched French Army south west of Rheims, the Division were sent south to assist. They saw several days of very heavy fighting, which is now officially known as The Battle of the Tardenois. Fighting took place in the valley of the Ardre, at Marfaux and Mont de Bligny. Frank was killed in action on the 30th July, 1918 during the re-taking of the village of Marfaux, about 11 miles from Rheims.

    He was 19 years old, and is buried at Marfaux British Cemetery, France.

    Llandovery College Memorials
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    Heres his headstone ...

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