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    I have always thought that La-5 and La-7 were among the most effective planes during WWII, if not the most effective. Their speed and size made them outrace the "Messerschmidts," for sure. What is your take on the two? What do you know about them?
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    I hardly ever heard anything about the Russian air wars, but what I have heard is that the LA-7 was the most effective Russian Aircraft.
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    Lavochkin La 5 was the descendant of LaGG 1 and of its other variants. Its final design some how attracted Stalin who ordered to produce as many as possible; it was July '42. However some 9000 units been produced.
    These were simple to produce and easy to maintain with a direct fuel injected engine, but its max performances been recorded all but in low alts, ie. under 5000m, during its all combat missions over Eastern Front. It but simply out matched at over 6000m and above alts of combat zones to Luftwaffes' .
    Its greatest disadvantages were at its engine's thermal insulation and at its canopy, which unable to open at speed of 350 m. So oftenly the Soviet pilots flew with it opened. Exhaust gas of engine too, oftenly entered into their cockpit. Moreover, its all engine controlls had seperate lever, which undoubtedly tend to decrease the performance parametre of the pilot. Where Focke Wulf FW 190 had automatic engine controlls, operated by single lever. Probably these are the causes of its highest number of loss during combat.
    Whatever the fact may be there, it was evidently remained highest fighters in service during War 2, apart from Yak 1.

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