Korean War Memorial Dedicated

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  1. Nostalgair

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    Hi All,

    I was honoured to be in attendance yesterday at the dediscation of the new Korean War Memorial in Sydney, Australia.

    It was a tremendously executed ceremony with due reverence and tributes to the ose who served and those who failed to return. It was also an opportunity for me to meet some of my father's squadron mates.

    This was posted on the ABC website;

    New memorial honours 'forgotten war' veterans
    Posted Sun Jul 26, 2009 2:10pm AEST

    More than 100 Australian and South Korean veterans are marching in Sydney to launch a new memorial to the Korean War.

    Veterans from Australia and South Korea and officials from both countries have gathered in Moore Park to unveil the memorial, which honours the 340 Australians killed in Korea nearly 60 years ago.

    They were welcomed by Aboriginal and Korean dancers who performed together among more than 130 steel and bronze flowers.

    The metallic flowers have been placed throughout the memorial to commemorate each NSW soldier killed in the so-called forgotten war.

    One of the veterans, Bill Carter, was flown back from Korea at night to avoid protesters in 1953.

    He says the memorial has been a long time coming.

    "See the chest stuck out proudly? That's it for me," he said.

    New South Wales Minister Graham West has told the crowd the structure is a tribute to the dead and a haven for the living.

    Mr West said Australia has overlooked and neglected the veterans' courage for too long.

    "Today, we make good on an unfilled duty, the omission of which has done us no credit and much harm," he said.

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  2. Cobber

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    Thanks for posting this, It is allways good to hear of new memorials especially decent sized memorials being dedicated to they the personnel, who were the last Australian civilians to hear and respond to the call of the Bugle (in largish numbers) and volunteer to join up with their (small in number) regular army mates and once again fight for others freedom.

    It imo is no longer the forgotten war here in OZ as more and more people become aware.
  3. Antipodean Andy

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    Excellent to hear, Owen. I did not know a memorial was being built for the Korean War veterans. Took long enough!
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  5. Nostalgair

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  6. liverpool annie

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    Thanks Owen ! ... I'll have to try and get there sometime soon - that is some memorial !
  7. Nostalgair

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    Hi Annie,

    Yes, it has a certain air of eerieness and stillness about it.

    Most of the Korean War memorials capture the essence of the freezing temperatures. This is done quite effectively at the memorial in our national capital, Canberra, as well. In this instance they use a white rock base and a veritable maze of spikes shooting upwards.

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