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    That was an interesting taster, pity it was only 9mins.
    Anyone know the history, was it based on real events or just a movie?

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    Hugh, I've just been rooting around:


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    Thanks - looks a good movie - will have to watch out for it.
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    Bought it and watched it last night. Kokoda:39th Battalion I very much enjoyed it. no bullshit heroics. Called "Chockies" because they were looked on as Chocolate soldiers.
    About a small platoon of reservists, sent as an advanced patrol, up the Kokoda. Cut off they determine to gt back to their lines. Some brilliant, acting I thought. the portrayal of dysentery, hunger, fatigue, and trying to carry on etc.
    The film was inspired by real events and the Kokoda/ Insurave memorial inscription of "Courage, Mateship, Endurance, Sacrifice". Very brutal in places, with a fair amount of swearing.

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