King Constantin I of Greece

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    King Constantin I. of Greece

    (2.8.1868 - 11.1.1923)
    place of birth: Athens, Greece
    Generalfeldmarschall: 8 August 1913

    Constantine I King of the Hellenes was ruler of Greece from 1913 to 1917 and again fro 1920 to 1922. He was the eldest son of King George I of Greece and his queen Olga. Constantine served as Commander-in-Chief of the Greek Army during the was with Turkey in 1897, and he led the army again during the successful Balkan Campaign of 1912-13 when Greece captured Salonika. He became king on 18 March 1913 following his father's assassination.

    When the First World War broke out, Constantine naturally sided with the Germans. He had been educated at Germany's Heidelberg University, received his military training in the Prussian Army, and was also married to Princess Sophie, Kaiser Wilhelm II's sister. His support for the Prussian's brought him into conflict with Greek Prime Minister Venizelos who supported the Entente since Britain and France had powerful navies in the Mediterranean. After the disastrous Battle of Gallipoli, Venizelos was dismissed from his post in October 1915, and Constantine thereafter made sure that the Prime Minister remained a loyal servant of the King. Venizelos later established a provisional revolutionary government in 1917 at Thessalonica.

    As French General Sarrail successfully transformed the Greek Army and Navy into supporters of the Allied cause, Constantine abdicated his throne in June 1917 and went to live in exile in Switzerland. Since his first son George was likewise very pro-German, Constantine diplomatically named his second son Alexander as his successor, thus avoiding a potential civil war. When Alexander died in 1920, Constantine returned to rule Greece with the support of almost 100 percent of the people. This popularity he squandered during the Greco-Turkish War of 1920-22, where Turkey regained its former territory in Anatolia and Smyrna. Constantine once again abdicated, exiling himself this time to Italy and naming his eldest son George as King. He died in Palermo, Sicily on 11 January 1923.

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