Key West Civil War history

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    I lead ghost tours in Key West, Florida. There is a lot of history here which includes two Civil War forts. One was never completed, the other was obsolete before it was completed.

    Key West was occupied by the Union during the Civil War. This means that if you wanted to join the south, you had to go north to the mainland.
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    Key West has a fascinating Civil War history. Because it was considered a U.S. military base, it was home to many Federal troops during the war--many of whom developed yellow fever and other tropical diseases. Heat stroke was also common, because the soldiers were used to cooler climates up north. Those wool uniforms were dangerously warm to wear in Key West's tropical climate.

    The two Civil War forts are still intact--one (which was only partially built) is home to a botanical garden, the other is home to a museum.
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    One of the other ghost hosts on our roster is a civil war soldier. It is really tough for him to wear that outfit during the summer months. Who knows, maybe that is one reason he quit to become a trolley driver. He was probably dying in that thick coat.

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