Kenyon Roper Captain, U.S. Army 91st Aero Squadron

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    The man who found Kenyon eventually - Captain Zinn - was a remarkable man ...

    I'd be interested to find out more about Kenyon though .... where he came from ... his family ... his crash ... who his pilot was ..... :(

    Kenyon Roper
    Captain, U.S. Army
    91st Aero Squadron
    Entered the Service from: Ohio
    Died: September 14, 1918
    Missing in Action or Buried at Sea
    Tablets of the Missing at St. Mihiel American Cemetery
    Thiaucourt, France


    Kenyon entered the Coast Artillery in the summer of 1917 as a Second Lieutenant.
    After training at Fortress Monroe, he sailed for France in December, 1917. Shortly after his arrival overseas he transferred to the aviation service and was promoted to First Lieutenant in the 91st Aero Squadron. In March 1918, he received another promotion to the rank of Captain.

    Spurred by the idea of revenging the death of George, ( ? ) he accounted for at least four Boche planes. But on September 14 1918, he and his pilot were brought down behind the German lines. For five months he was reported missing in action, but finally the government reported his grave near Tronville Meuthe et Moselle, the identification being a handkerchief with his name in indelible ink - the handkerchief being in the possession of a young German boy who lived in the vicinity where Captain Roper fell to his death and was buried.
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    2Lt K Roper was a crew member of a Salmson 2A.2 of the 91st Observation Sqn USAS, with 1Lt P J Hughey, when both men were killed in action while on a reconnaissance mission on 14 September. Ltn Martin Kliefoth of Jasta 19 claimed a 'DH' over Copnflans; it was his third victory before he was shot down and captured by 1Lt Eddie Rickenbacker of the 94th Aero Sqn on 1 October. Kliefoth died in the USA in 1949.

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    Thanks Gareth !

    I found this picture on Rosebud ... wonder if he's on it ??

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    I just noticed you said ....... 91st Observation Sqn USAS so different than 91st Aero Squadron !

    I can't find 1st Lt P J Hughey ..... :(
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    Sorry if I'm being confusing. The 91st Aero Sqn and the 91st Observation Sqn are the same unit. For some reason the USAS often referred to its squadrons as Bombardment (bombers), Observation (artillery observation and reconnaissance) or Pursuit (fighter).

    If you're really keen, you can look for more information on him in the copy of Gorrell's History of the USAS at:[0]=roper&query[1]=&name=Title or Collection Warning! It's not the most user-friendly site in captivity.


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    I saw that about the bombers - artillery observation and reconnaissance and fighters ! and I wondered ....

    I can't install the Adobe .... I did see the name Hughey ... but I believe it was Paul H ... so a different one !! :rolleyes:

    I couldn't find him in the ABMC or CWGC ( just in case ! ) or the Canadian database ( just in case ! ) !!

    I thought he'd be there as Roper was !

    Annie :)

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