Katyusha BM 13N -WW2

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    Katyusha (MRL) was the most devastating rocket-system primarily introduced by Russia, to overcome Nazis in WW2 and seized the war much earlier. Was it true? It also helpd to downfall of Berlin ,was it true? Howmuch technically advanced it was?

    Its howling sound and high explosion panicked the Germans. This lower the morals of German army.Probably it was the 1st RL Battery System exposed in WW2

  2. Vercingetorix

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    It looks like these rockets were inexpensive to produce, and could be fired very quickly. They had some drawbacks, notably a very long reload time when compared to conventional artillery. Nevertheless, they terrified the Germans and sometimes cause panic among their ranks.
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    Basically I want to know whether Zhukov confirmly added this BM 13N to emphasize his skill over Marshal Konev to enter Berlin first?

    Because , after crossing Seelow Heights Zhukov disparately wanted something in his hand for a final blow to Reichstag. As he scattarly used and tested it earlier, at the dawn of 22nd April'45, blazed this 13N at the dawn and before artillery fire. It was phosphorus-filled to set fire on hitting.

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