Karabiner 98kurz : The German Sniper weapon ..

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    About 135,000 were produced for the German snipers, modified with a waffled slip-resist buttplate, HUB 23 suppressor(removable) and a 4xZeiss ZF 42 tele-sight.
    With the 7.92 x 57mm IS cartridges, these bolt action rifles enabled to maintain an e.r upto 1000 m/1090 yrds.
    It is true that during the early years of the War, Red Army extensively used these along with other captured infantry weapons (no less than a million - refurbished and marked with RC, ie., the Russian Captured mauser).
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    Well, I know this gun and I must say that it was among the best ones. If you want to compare it to another gun from a later time, it can be compared to the Kalashnikov.
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    It was an exceptional rifle and the snipers were excellent marksmen. German precision at its finest.
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    Range of 500-800 meters is absolutely astonishing, but it was heavy and only had half the capacity of the Lee Enfield. Another interesting thing to notice, in my opinion, is that both the Western Allies as well as the Soviets changed to semi-automatic rifles during the war, where Germany kept the K98k.
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    Well, what I know that the Wehrmacht retained to the bolt action against the Allied's semi-autos like M1 Gerand or SMGs only due to Wehrmacht's tactical doctrine. They had been looking for the LMGs like MP40 etc. as the basis of fire power, as we have seen during urban fighting/close combat zones!
    During the Final years, though the Wehrmacht moved towards Stg 44, another fine machine, proved by its appearance, I believe.

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