"Jutland 1916"

Discussion in 'World War 1' started by MrJ, Jun 18, 2010.

  1. MrJ

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    Has anyone heard what the status is on this film production? Is it going forward?
  2. sniper

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    I hope it goes forward, i had a cousin killed on the Queen Mary. Does anyone else have any rellies that fought in this battle?

  3. Montag

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    My grandfather was a gunner aboard HMS Princess Royal, during this battle.

    The entries in the ship's log following the engagement are concise and brief, but extremely moving nonetheless.

  4. Interrogator#6

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    I just searched Harry Knowles site "Aintitkool.com" and came up empty. Harry seems to vacuum up more information regarding films. If he don't know, who does?
  5. Alexander

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  6. aghart

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    An American reporter described the battle of Jutland very simply, " The High Seas fleet has assaulted it's jailer, but it is still in jail"
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  8. Jack Rouse

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    My Grandfather was a gunner on the Belaraphon, he seemed to remember they only got a small number of shells off during the whole day.

    He remarked that it was purely a case of both navies flexing their muscles, but neither wanting to go in for the kill.

    Some commentators seem to think that the RN allowed the High Seas fleet to escape purely to avoid a toe to toe encounter.

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