Josephine Skillicorn née Hounslea

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  1. Hi ,I signed up after reading a random letter from a person looking for information regarding a plane crash off the coast of Malta.He named my brother Joseph Murphy as the radio operator and wing bomber killed in the crash and now buried in Malta.I was born the March following his death hence the name Josephine.I want to connect with the writer of the initial email to discover more about my brother.Also my eldest brother Wilf Murphy was in the Sherwood tank regiment ,Little John,and I have a couple of awesome photographs of them liberating a town in Belgium,I believe following D Day.He landed on Gold Beach and I have a written account from him of his experience at the landing.Lastly my Dad ,Joseph Hounslea, was in the Merchant Navy and was on both the original and refitted Appapa.He was torpedoed on the original in 1918,and bombed on the refitted Appapa in WW2.What a co-incidence!He actually rescued two Liverpool nurses in the second incident.A picture of the Appapa sinking stem first can be seen at the Maritime Museum in Liverpool.
    My family,including nieces and nephews ,are constantly interested in our family history during the war and I am very pleased at the opportunity to connect with other history buffs.

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