Jon Cavaiani Dies

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    Vietnam veteran Staff Sergeant Jon Cavaiani died a few days ago, just short of his 71st birthday.

    S/Sgt Cavaiani was given the Medal of Honor in late 1974. He served with the 5th Special Forces and is (or more likely will be soon) buried at Arlington.

    His Medal of Honor was presented for gallantry in June of 1971 when S/Sgt Cavaiani put himself into danger repeatedly while getting his troops out of harm's way while being fired upon heavily. Some of his troops were evac'd but the next morning the remaining soldiers were fired upon heavily again and S/Sgt Cavaiani stood with a machine gun and made himself visible while telling the rest of his platoon to escape. Most of them escaped death because of his sacrifice.

    He didn't do interviews about what happened, or how he saved his troops... he refused to talk about the details because he "spent too much time trying to forget them."

    RIP S/Sgt Cavaiani.

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