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    I was looking for this flyer .... and I found this ... but it doesn't say where the accident happened !

    I'd appreciate any help

    Annie :)

    Colorado WW1 Casualties in Europe

    Buckley John H. 1st Lt. 28th Aero Sqd. M.A. 15 45 B

    27 September 1918 - from 13.05 to 14.50 - 8 planes ....

    Patrol Leader Lt. Merrick ......... Pilots - Lts. Bell, Buchannan, Liles, Stenseth, Meyer, Csaady, Hardy, Buckley.
    As the patrol was being formed at 3000 meters over the hospital two miles west of the airdrome, Lts. Buckely and Bell collided. From the statements of Lts. Merrick and Meyer the patrol was making left hand circles over the hospital while waiting for Lts. Lisle and Stenseth also to get into good formation before crossing the lines.
    Lts. Bell and Buckley were seen to be going head on towards each other on the same level, then both machines were seen to dive, one making a turn to avoid the other. The left wing of one struck the left wing of the other and both wings were torn off the planes. Immediately both planes fell into a vrille. Upon striking the ground both planes burned and Lt.s Buckley and Bell were killed instantly.
    After the accident all planes returned to the airdrome with the exception of Lts. Stenseth and Lisles , who joined the patrol of the 213th Sqn.

    27 September 1918

    Lieutenants Bell and Buckley, 28th Aero Squadron, 3rd Pursuit Group were killed in a collision about 2 miles west of the Group Airdrome while a patrol was forming in the midst of low clouds.

    The weather report from the same office was ....... heavy rain in the morning - low clouds all day.
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    John H. Buckley
    First Lieutenant, U.S. Army
    28th Aero Squadron

    Entered the Service from: Colorado
    Died: September 27, 1918
    Buried at: Plot B Row 45 Grave 15
    Meuse-Argonne American Cemetery
    Romagne, France
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    On 27 September 1918 the 28th Aero Squadron USAS was based at Lisle en Barrois aerodrome, where it had moved a week before. The unit was equipped with the SPAD 13 fighter.

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    Thanks Gareth ...

    just as an aside Buckley AFB has kind of skewered the story a bit ....... :rolleyes:

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    It looks like the USAF gilded the lily a little when naming the base! The history of the 28th Aero Sqn in Cross & Cockade journal (1971) coincides with the story that you posted, and he's not listed as a combat loss in The Sky Their Battlefield, so I'd bet folding money on his being killed in a collision.

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    Nothing to be gained from it, but here's his "Soldiers of the Great War" entry (no photo, unfortunately)...

    BUCKLEY, John Harold, Longmont., Colorado, Lieutenant, DIED OF ACCIDENT

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