John Atkinson Wood - Gorton Policeman

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    I received this personal message .... I have replied a couple of times .... so I think I'm going to post the stuff I have here .... in case she Googles again ! :D:D

    My friend on the Manchesters has posted the same information on there also - :rolleyes: in the hopes that one of us is lucky !!

    I should also add that I can send another slightly larger if neccessary ! :)


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    Here's a couple of snippets * !

    * John Atkinson Wood joined the police on the 1st April 1912 aged 21. Born Ulverston Cumberland. He is single at the time of joining the police force.

    Police of Manchester 1858 - 1918

    * I'm waiting for a picture of Johns grave, he is buried with 2 other casualties and his name is at the base of the stone .... I'll post it as soon as I get it ! :)

    Annie :)
  3. Just found this thread via Google. John Atkinson Wood was my father in law's uncle.

  4. I now have two photos.

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